Darren Bachynski

Darren loves watching movies, making movies, and talking about movies. He specializes in animation, motion-graphics, directing, editing, and hat-wearing. Darren has played in the Vancouver Dodgeball League for ten seasons, and shows no signs of stopping anytime soon. He can usually be found walking along the seawall, eating fish tacos, or on the internet trying to get better at chess. 



Emma grew up in North Vancouver where she decided at age seven that she was going to art school.  After graduating high school Emma travelled and spent some time working in the art department for a television series before heading to Emily Carr University to complete her Bachelor of Media Arts degree. At Emily Carr, Emma met Darren, Mitch, and Vilhelm and was thrilled to find such a great team to collaborate with.   After graduating in 2010 Emma returned to work in the art department and continues to be a full IATSE union member - although she rarely has time to work outside of her commitments to Combination Films.  Emma is a passionate filmmaker and believes in the power of media to create change, provoke thought, and start discussions.  When Emma isn’t working at Combination Films she may be working with her lovely husband (and fellow Combination Films partner), Mitchell Stookey on their photography business, watching films, running along the seawall, or biking around the city.  



mitch stookey

Mitch loves art, technology and storytelling, and is excited and grateful everyday to have a career built upon those three passions. His broad interests include writing, directing, editing, camera operating and cinematography, photography, visual effects and animation. Aside from his own creative work, he has been teaching video production and media literacy with the Cinematheque since 2010.  If he is not busy creating, consuming, or arguing about media, he is most likely enjoying the outdoors or a competitive game.




Vilhelm grew up in Sweden with a strong passion for music, film, and baseball.  He specializes in sound editing and music composition, but also writes and directs.   

Having worked in Sweden for the past two years teaching, he is now back in Vancouver completing his Master of Fine Arts degree at the School for the Contemporary Arts at Simon Fraser University, and he is happy to be back on the same continent as his favourite team, the Toronto Blue Jays.