Orbits of Conquest - Game Trailer

Gabriel Koenig at Ghost Time Games's newest creation is called 'Orbits of Conquest' - and we were thrilled when asked to help make this 50's sci-fi game trailer.

The game is for 2-4 players, local party-play style, and is incredibly fun and addictive - we seriously cannot recommend it highly enough.  It's available on Ouya, or you can play directly in your browser!

We had limited space to shoot this spot - working with what we had on the fly.  Here is a little peek behind-the-scenes of our high-tech shoot:

The Cinematheque - Logo Animation

We have been huge fans of The Cinematheque for a long time, so it was very exciting for us to come up with an animated intro/logo for this incredible organization.  It will be playing in the theater soon, so be sure to look out for it!

 Gabriel Koenig did the killer sound design and music, and Steve Chow is responsible for the smokin' text design. 

Motion Comic - Opening Sequence

In addition to being totally awesome over at Combination Films, Darren Bachynski, is also awesome all over the place.  He's put together these two title sequences an Atomic Cartoon's motion comic series.  


Check them out!


Opening title sequence that Darren made for the 'Ultimate Wolverine vs. Hulk' motion comic from Marvel Knights Animation. Except for a few pieces of art taken from the comic, all work done in After Effects.

Darren's Role: Design + Animation + Effects + Compositing

Director: Carl Upsdell
Producer: Kelsy Wittman
Additional Art Prep: Toren Atkinson

Studio: Atomic Cartoons


Opening title sequence Darren made for the 'Wolverine Origin' motion comic from Marvel Knights Animation.

Darren's Role: Art Prep + Animation + Effects + Compositing

Director: Carl Upsdell
Producer: Kelsy Wittman
Additional Art Prep: Toren Atkinson + Chelsea Ker
Studio: Atomic Cartoons

Saskatchewan Jazz Festival - Promo

We were contacted by the Saskatchewan Jazz Festival to animate their 2013 promo.  We were really excited to work on the project since the Sask Jazz Festival is one of the biggest Jazz festivals in Western Canada!  The promo will be airing on TV next week, so if you are in Saskatchewan, keep your eyes peeled.

If you are going to be in or around Saskatoon between June 21 - July 01 you should check the exciting concerts being put on by the Saskatchewan Jazz Festival!  The line up looks AMAZING!

Darren did this energetic animation!

The song is "Take'em On" by The Herbaliser

Graphic Design was done by Firebelly Design in Chicago