'Cooking with Tim' - TV Show Pitch

We have signed up for the Telus Optik StoryHive with a project we have been really excited to make for a while.

About the project -

Food is such a vital part of not only human existence, but of human experience - and so for multiple reasons deciding what to eat is an incredibly important decision. We have found that learning how to source local ingredients while still preparing high-quality and affordable meals can be intimidating and overwhelming.

Fortunately, fantastic amateur chef Tim Helmuth is here to show us how. 'Cooking with Tim' is a show that believes that the origins of food are just as important as how you prepare it, and it all starts with sourcing the best, freshest ingredients. Tim, along with his friend and co-host Darren, will travel around the Lower Mainland visiting food producers farms, dairies, mills etc.  and find out who are the people making the food that we eat every day.

Each episode, Tim will teach Darren how to prepare something delicious highlighting their new ingredients. 'Cooking with Tim' will appeal to a broad range of food fans, whether you are about to begin cooking for yourself or are looking to improve. Old friends Tim and Darren have a fun and inclusive chemistry that will entertain as well as educate while they prepare delicious, local, and affordable meals.


We will keep you updated on the progress of this project - stay tuned!